New Security Paradigms Workshop 2000

September 19th - 21st, 2000
Cork, Ireland


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For eight years, the New Security Paradigms Workshop has provided a productive and highly interactive forum where innovative new approaches (and some radical older approaches) to computer security have been offered, explored, refined, and published. The workshop offers a constructive environment where experienced researchers and practitioners work alongside newer participants in the field, giving a unique opportunity to exchange ideas to the mutual benefit of all. As a Workshop, the NSPW is distinguished by the fact that every selected paper is discussed in a collegial setting at the time of its presentation, and often afterwards as well. The number of papers selected is small enough to accord a comfortable time period for intensive examination of new concepts.

One of the most noteworthy features of the New Security Paradigms Workshop is the "contract" that all workshop participants abide by. Because authors are asked to present ideas that might be considered risky in some other forum, all participants are charged with providing feedback in a constructive and gracious manner. The resulting brainstorming environment has proven to be an excellent medium for furthering the development of these ideas. Authors typically receive a considerable amount of feedback on their presentations, which is reflected in the revised proceedings.

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