NSPW Proceedings Publication

Unlike most workshops, NSPW proceedings are published after the event, so that authors may revise their papers based on workshop feedback. The result is a higher quality of publication than if the papers were published as originally submitted.

"Pre-proceedings" are provided during the workshop to participants.


Copies of all presenters' papers will be made available to participants as "pre-proceedings" at the beginning of the workshop. You must submit a copy of your paper for the pre-proceedings by August 20 to Christian Probst. Copies must be supplied in Postcript or PDF format.

Formatting of your paper for the pre-proceedings must follow the specifications for papers published in ACM proceedings. Please do not include page numbers, so that we will have consistent page numbering in the pre-proceedings. The final copy that you will submit for the proceedings must also be in this format.

You are also strongly encouraged to revise your copy for the pre-proceedings version based on comments from your reviewers.

The ACM page has templates for LaTeX (preferred), as well as MS-Word and WordPerfect (please convert Word to PDF before sending - a number of free tools are available). will cause you problems, please let Christian Probst know as soon as possible, but no later than August 19.

Papers on nspw.org

In addition, if a draft of your paper is available on the web, please send the URL to our Publicity Chair, John McDermott, by August 19. He will link the URL into the program on the web site, which will allow attendees to read papers before the workshop. Note that, if you do this, your publicly available paper may be read by others in its draft form (before you revise it after the workshop for final submission to the proceedings). Please note that if your paper requires release from the employer or the research sponsor, YOU are responsible for obtaining that release prior to such a posting.


The workshop proceedings will be published several months after the workshop. Authors are strongly encouraged to revise their papers to incorporate feedback received at the workshop.

Presenters must give a signed transfer of copyright to the Publications Chair, Victor Raskin before they are allowed to present. Copies of the form will be available at the workshop, but you can make things easier by filling it out before you arrive.

Camera-ready copies of the final papers will be due to the Publications Chair by October 31, 2006. Papers must follow the specifications for papers published in ACM proceedings and must include a list of author-supplied keywords.