NSPW Registration and Related Information


If you plan on attending, you must RSVP the workshop General Chair Carol Taylor with your intention to attend. The deadline is August 10th, 2007.

In order to guarantee the quality of the workshop, we deliberately limit attendance. We guarantee a spot for all presenters but not everyone that wishes may get a chance to attend. We give priority to principal authors and a limited number of co-authors.

Registration Fees

Unlike most conferences, the workshop registration fee includes meals and lodging from the Tuesday evening reception/dinner through lunch on Friday. We take all meals together in accordance with the spirit and philosophy of the workshop.

Early Registration Fee (by August 10th)US$1000.00
Late Registration Fee (by August 18th)US$1100.00

Remember, the final registration deadline is August 18th.  

Arrival and Departure Times

The workshop begins on Tuesday September 18, 2007 with a 7:00 PM reception followed by dinner. Although not mandatory, we highly recommend attending the reception. We always have a good time, with convivial colleagues and great food, which helps to set the tone of the workshop. The workshop presentations begin the next morning. The workshop concludes at 2:00 PM on Friday, September 21, 2007.

On Line Registration

On-line Registration All attendees can register here. Financial Aid recipients: please register online using the "Financial-aid Registration" option. You will be notified whether you are a financial aid recipient Before the early registration deadline. Do not select the "Financial-aid Registration" option unless you have received explicit approval from the Financial Aid chair Steve Greenwald.

See below for information about qualifying for financial aid.

If you have any problems with on-line registration, contact the Registration Chair, Carol Taylor

Paper receipts will be provided at the workshop.

All registrations and payment must be received by August 18th. In order to qualify for the early registration discount, registration must be completed by August 10th.


Room registration for the nights of September 18th through 20th is included with the workshop registration fee. You do not need to register separately for lodging.

If you plan to arrive earlier or leave later than those dates you should contact the hotel and make separate arrangements for payment. See the information on the main NSPW page for Location and Activities.


If you are bringing an in-room guest then please indicate this on the form on the registration web site. There is an no extra charge for bringing a guest.

Financial Aid


A very limited amount of partial financial aid exists for needy persons. The deadline for requesting financial aid is July 30th, Greenwald and the Vice Chair, Matt Bishop, bishop@cs.ucdavis.edu by the deadline.


A U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or U.S. taxpayer ID is required in order to obtain financial aid without U.S. income tax being subtracted (please do not send this information with your initial application). Also, due to requirements from our sources of funding, all airline travel must be done on a U.S. flag-bearing airline unless there is absolutely no alternative (i.e., there is no U.S. flag-bearing airline that services your region). US-DOD per-diems are in effect for meals, etc. If your application is approved and your travel is covered, you must also get the lowest fare(s) possible.


The final decisions regarding financial aid will be made and communicated to applicants on August 7th, 2007 (in time for the early registration deadline).


Note that recipients of financial aid when registering, with the on-line registration system, must select the Financial Aid registration option since you will not be paying directly for your registration with your credit card.


Please note that financial aid is very limited and is therefore based on need; applicants must have exhausted all other avenues to fund their attendance at the workshop other than out-of-pocket expenses and must sign a statement to that effect before receiving reimbursement. NSPW financial aid is not an alternative and/or replacement for other sources of funding. Its purpose is to help people attend the workshop who would otherwise be unable to attend or would suffer considerable personal expense. All financial aid requests must be approved in writing/email from either Matt Bishop or Steven Greenwald.


In making an application for financial aid, applicants must give full details of anticipated expenses and also an explanation as to why full funding cannot be obtained from other sources. In practice, financial aid is intended to cover the registration fee, and in a very small number of cases, a contribution towards transportation costs. Given the limited nature of NSPW financial aid, Ph.D. students, speakers and other students will get top priority. Remember: receiving unneeded financial aid may prevent the attendance of, or cause unreasonable personal expense to, a more needy applicant. You should have no expectation of timely reimbursement.