New Security Paradigms Workshop 1999

September 22 - 24, 1999
Caledon Hills, Ontario, Canada


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NSPW 1999 will take place from September 22nd to 24th at the Millcroft Inn in Caledon Hills, Ontario, Canada and in accordance with tradition this will be in an elegant, casual, and peaceful setting for participants to interact and enjoy the workshop. We expect that it will again live up to the high standards set in previous workshops.
There is a before-the-workshop field trip to see Pride and Prejudice at the Stratford Festival Other plays that are on these season are described in the playbill

Directions to Stratford: The Stratford homepage directions can be accessed here. This page has general driving directions (useful for those of you driving directly to Stratford from the airport). You can also download maps of Ontario, Stratford, and the Stratford city core (which highlights restaurants and theatres).

To get to Stratford from the Millcroft, head back towards Toronto. Turn WEST (should be a right-hand turn) onto Highway 7. Follow 7 West into Stratford. You will go through some small and medium-ish towns, and at one point #7 will join up with #8. #8 will eventually split off - stay on #7. Do not stop in Shakespeare - Stratford is about 10 minutes past Shakespeare.

The play is at 2pm in the main Festival Theatre. We are seated in the Orchestra, Aisles 2 and 3, Rows L and M. I will be outside the Festival Theatre, at the entrance closest to these seats, from about 1:30pm on, to dole out tickets.

Heather will be wearing a large, floppy straw hat for identification purposes. If Heather cannot be there at 1:30, John McHugh will have the tickets and will be holding the hat.

If you are arriving early in Toronto, you may wish to drive directly to Stratford and have lunch in town. There are plenty of nice restaurants, all geared to feeding you in time for your show.

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