NSPW Rabbit

New Security Paradigms Workshop 2003

August 18th -- 21st, 2003

Centro Stefano Francini
Ascona, Switzerland

Past Workshops and Proceedings


Proceedings for past workshops are available from ACM / SIGSAC in either hard copy and on-line forms.

Previous Workshops

Each of the following links goes to the home page for the NSPW workshop for that year, most of which include at least title & author lists for that workshop's program.

NSPW 2002: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

NSPW 2001: Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA

NSPW 2000: Cork, Ireland

NSPW 1999: Caledon Hills, Ontario, Canada

NSPW 1998: Charlottesville, Virginia,  pictures from the workshop

NSPW 1997: Great Langdale, Cumbria, UK

NSPW 1996: Lake Arrowhead, CA

NSPW 1995: U.C. San Diego

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