NSPW Rabbit

New Security Paradigms Workshop 2004

Sept. 20-23, 2004

White Point Beach Resort
Nova Scotia

Accepted Papers

Title Author(s)

A Collaborative Approach to Autonomic Security Protocols Hongbin Zhou and Simon Foley

A Qualitative Framework for Shannon Communication Theories Gerard Allwein

Support for Multi-Level Security Policies in DRM Architectures Bogdan Popescu, Bruno Crispo, and Andrew Tanenbaum

Omnivore: Risk Management through Bidirectional Transparency Scott Flinn and Steve Stoyles

Information Exposure Control through Data Manipulation for Ubiquitous Computing Boris Dragovic and Jon Crowcroft

Property-based Attestation for Computing Platforms: Caring about properties, not mechanisms Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Christian Stueble

Profiling the Defenders Carrie Gates and Tara Whalen

Symmetric Behavior-Based Trust: A New Paradigm for Internet Computing Vivek Haldar and Michael Franz

Testing the Effectiveness of Cyber Defense Technologies (discussion) James Just, Karl Levitt, George Kesidis, Jeff Rowe, Felix Wu, and Phil Porras

The Role of Suspicion in Model-based Intrusion Detection Timothy Hollebeek and Rand Waltzman

Towards Agile Security Assurance Konstantin Beznosov and Philippe Kruchten

The user non-acceptance paradigm (panel discussion)

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