New Security Paradigms Workshop 2002

September 23rd - 26th, 2002

Founders Inn
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Call for Papers and Participation

What makes a paper acceptable for NSPW?

While we reject plenty of excellent papers that would do very well at other venues, our eclectic program committee particularly looks for new paradigms, innovative approaches to older problems, early thinking on new topics that are not necessarily fully polished, and controversial issues that might not make it into other conferences but deserve to have their try at shaking and breaking the mold. Conversely, a great paper that does not have a new paradigm, does not challenge the status quo, or does not critique an older paradigm will almost certainly get rejected.

NSPW is highly interactive in nature. Authors are encouraged to present ideas that might be considered risky in some other forum. All participants are charged with providing feedback in a constructive manner. The resulting brainstorming environment has proven to be an excellent medium for furthering the development of these ideas. Many authors have mentioned that they received more useful feedback and ideas on their work during the presentation and discussion of it at NSPW than from any other conference. The proceedings, published after the workshop, have consistently benefited from the inclusion of workshop feedback.

To participate, please submit your paper, justification, and attendance statement, preferably via e-mail, to both Program Chairs Carla Marceau and Simon Foley -- by Friday, April 5, 2002 (hardcopy submissions must be received by March 28, 2002). Further details on the required format of submissions follow.

Your Paper

You should submit a research paper, a 5 - 10 page position paper, or a discussion topic proposal. Submissions of any type must not have been published elsewhere. Discussion topic proposals should include an in-depth description of the topic to be discussed, a convincing argument that the topic will lead to a lively discussion, and any other supporting materials.
Softcopy submissions should be in Postscript, PDF, Word/RTF or ASCII format. Papers may be submitted as hardcopy. To submit hardcopy, please mail 5 (five) copies to Program Co-chair Carla Marceau. Please allow adequate time for delivery.

You should describe, in one page or less, why your paper is appropriate for the New Security Paradigms Workshop. A good justification will describe the new paradigm being proposed, explain how it is a departure from existing theory or practice, and identify those aspects of the status quo it challenges or rejects.
Attendance Statement

You should state how many authors wish to attend the workshop. Accepted papers require the attendance of at least one author. In order to ensure that all papers receive equally strong feedback, all attendees are expected to stay for the entire duration of the workshop.

The program committee will referee the papers and notify the authors of acceptance status by June 14, 2002. We expect to be able to offer a limited amount of financial aid to those who require it. More information will be provided on our web site as it becomes available.

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