New Security Paradigms Workshop 2002

September 23rd - 26th, 2002

Founders Inn
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Accepted Papers

Title Author(s)

An approach to usable security based on event monitoring and visualization Dourish and Redmiles

An empirical analysis of NATE- Network Analysis of Anomalous Traffic Events Taylor and Alves-Foss

An experimental system for malicious email tracking Bhattacharyya, Schultz, Eskin, Hershkop, Stolfo

Anomaly intrusion detection in dynamic execution environments Inoue and Forrest

Breaking the barriers: high performance security for high performance computing Connelly and Chien

Capacity is the wrong paradigm Moskowitz, Chang, Newman

Empowering mobile code using expressive security policies Venkatakrishnan,Peri, Sekar

From privacy promises to privacy management--a new approach for enforcing privacy throughout an enterprise Ashley, Schunter, Powers

Guarding the next Internet frontier:countering denial of information attacks Ahamad, Lee, Liu, Mark, Omicienski, Pu, dos Santos

Moving from the design of usable security technologies to the design of useful secure applications Smetters and Grinter

Predators: good will codes combat against computer viruses Toyoizumi and Kara

Small worlds in security systems: an analysis of the PGP certificate graph Capkun, Buttyan, Hubaux

The source is the proof Haldar, Stork, Franz

Towards achieving acceptable security in securiy multi-party computation Du

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