NSPW Rabbit

New Security Paradigms Workshop 2005

Sept. 20-23, 2005

Lake Arrowhead
California, USA

Accepted Papers

PANEL: Use of Diversity as a Defense Mechanism Carol Taylor

PANEL: The Insider Problem Revisited Matt Bishop

Flooding and Recycling Authorizations Konstantin Beznosov

Empirical Privilege Profiling Carla Marceau
Rob Joyce

Pass-Thoughts: Authenticating With Our Minds Julie Thorpe
Paul van Oorschot
Anil Somayaji

Average Case vs. Worst Case: Margins of Safety in System Design Andreas Gal
Christian Probst
Michael Franz

Visual Security Protocol Modeling John McDermott

Message Authentication by Integrity with Public Corroboration Paul van Oorschot

Divide and Conquer: The role of trust and assurance in the design of secure socio-technical systems Ivan Flechais
Jens Riegelsberger
M. Angela Sasse

Internet Instability and Disturbance: Goal or Menace? Richard Ford
Mark Bush
Alex Boulatov

Principles-Driven Forensic Analysis Sean Peisert
Matt Bishop
Sid Karin
Keith Marzullo

Speculative Virtual Verification: Policy-Constrained Speculative Execution Michael Locasto
Stelios Sidiroglou
Angelos Keromytis

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