NSPW Rabbit

New Security Paradigms Workshop 2005

Sept. 20-23, 2005

Lake Arrowhead
California, USA

Submission deadline: Monday, 18 April 2005.

To submit a paper for consideration, send the information listed below to submissions@nspw.org

Submissions must include the following:

  1. The submission in PDF format, viewable by Adobe Acrobat reader.
  2. A justification for inclusion in NSPW. Specify the category of your submission and describe, in one page or less, why your submission is appropriate for the New Security Paradigms Workshop. A good justification will describe the new paradigm being proposed, explain how it departs from existing theory or practice, and identify those aspects of the status quo it challenges or rejects. The justification is a major factor in determining acceptance.
  3. An Attendance Statement specifying how many authors wish to attend the workshop. Accepted papers require the attendance of at least one author. Attendance is limited, and we cannot guarantee space for more than one author.
No submission may have been published elsewhere nor may a similar submission be under consideration for publication or presentation in any other forum during the NSPW review process.

If you questions about submissions, please contact the program chairs - John McHugh (jmchugh@cert.org) and Bob Blakley (blakley@us.ibm.com)

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