NSPW 2020 will be held in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA from October 26-29, 2020.

The New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) is an annual, small invitation-only workshop for researchers in information security and related disciplines. NSPW's focus is on work that challenges the dominant approaches and perspectives in computer security. In the past, such challenges have taken the form of critiques of existing practice as well as novel, sometimes controversial, and often immature approaches to defending computer systems. By providing a forum for important security research that isn't suitable for mainstream security venues, NSPW aims to foster paradigm shifts in information security.

In order to preserve the small, focused nature of the workshop, participation is limited to authors of accepted papers and conference organizers. As a computer security venue, NSPW is unique in format and highly interactive in nature. Each paper is typically the focus of 45 to 60 minutes of presentation and discussion. Authors are encouraged to present ideas that might be considered risky in some other forum, and all participants are charged with providing feedback in a constructive manner. The resulting intensive brainstorming has proven to be an excellent medium for furthering the development of these ideas. The final proceedings are published after the workshop, giving authors an opportunity to incorporate feedback from the workshop.

NSPW is an ACSA conference. The proceedings of NSPW are published by the ACM. Also, the full proceedings for past years are available here.

Regarding COVID-19: The NSPW organizers are committed to holding a productive workshop in some form at the dates listed on the website. Although worldwide conditions related to COVID-19 may force some changes, we will update this space with meeting and planning information over the next few months.

To demonstrate what a NSPW presentation and discussion is like, we conducted a virtual session. For those who have never attended NSPW, the video gives you a sense of how valuable NSPW can be for authors, and for those who have attended, the video is some evidence that, even virtually, we can keep up the high level of interactivity that defines NSPW. Watch the video: