Past Workshops

NSPW 2021: Virtual Conference

NSPW 2020: Virtual Conference

NSPW 2019: San Carlos, Costa Rica

NSPW 2018: Windsor, UK

NSPW 2017: Santa Cruz, USA

NSPW 2016: Colorado, USA

NSPW 2015: Twente, The Netherlands

NSPW 2014: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

NSPW 2013: Banff, Alberta, Canada

NSPW 2012: Bertinoro, Italy

NSPW 2011: Marin County, California, USA

NSPW 2010: Colonial Inn Concord, Massachusetts, USA

NSPW 2009: Queen's College, Oxford, UK

NSPW 2008: Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

NSPW 2007: White Mountain Hotel and Resort, New Hampshire, USA

NSPW 2006: Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

NSPW 2005: Lake Arrowhead, California, USA

NSPW 2004: White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia, Canada

NSPW 2003: Centro Stefano Francini, Ascona, Switzerland

NSPW 2002: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

NSPW 2001: Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA

NSPW 2000: Cork, Ireland

NSPW 1999: Caledon Hills, Ontario, Canada

NSPW 1998: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

NSPW 1997: Cumbria, UK