List of Accepted Papers

The list of accepted papers is:

  • Beyond the Blacklist: Modeling Malware Spread and the Effect of Interventions
    Benjamin Edwards
    Tyler Moore
    George Stelle
    Steven Hofmeyr
    Stephanie Forrest
  • Turtles All The Way Down: A Clean-Slate, Ground-Up, First-Principles Approach to Secure Systems
    Sean Peisert
    Ed Talbot
    Matt Bishop
  • The Need for Application-Aware Access Control Evaluation
    William C. Garrison III
    Adam J. Lee
    Timothy L. Hinrichs
  • A Move in the Security Measurement Stalemate: Elo-Style Ratings to Quantify Vulnerability
    Wolter Pieters
    Sanne H.G. van der Ven
    Christian W. Probst
  • Privacy is a Process, not a PET - A Theory for Effective Privacy Practice
    Anthony Morton
    M. Angela Sasse
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
    Heather Richter Lipford
    Mary Ellen Zurko
  • Argumentation Logic to Assist in Security Administration
    Jeff Rowe
    Karl Levitt
    Simon Parsons
    Elizabeth Sklar
    Andrew Applebaum
    Sharmin Jalal
  • Point-and-Shoot Security Design: Can We Build Better Tools for Developers?
    Sven Türpe
  • All Your Base are Belong to US
    Richard Ford
    Liam Mayron
  • Pools, Clubs and Security: Designing for a Party Not a Person
    Zheng Dong
    Vaibhav Garg
    L. Jean Camp
    Apu Kapadia
  • Holographic Vulnerability Studies: Vulnerabilities as Fractures in Interpretation as Information Flows Across Abstraction Boundaries
    Jedidiah R. Crandall
    Daniela Oliveira
  • Video-Passwords: Advertising While Authenticating
    Julie Thorpe
    Amirali Salehi-Abari
    Robert Burden