NSPW 2016: Location and Activiites


NSPW 2016 will be held at C Lazy U Ranch (http://www.clazyu.com/) outside Denver, Colorado, in the United States. C Lazy U is in Granby, approximately 115 miles (or a 2 hour 15 minute drive, traffic depending) from the Denver International Airport, in the mountains surrounding Denver. The address of the hotel is:

3640 Colorado Hwy 125
Granby, CO, 80446
Phone: 970-364-0414
E-mail: ranch@clazyu.com

Hotel and all meals are included with your registration, from the reception on Monday, September 26th through lunch on Thursday, September 29th.

Pre- and post-workshop stays: You will need to make separate hotel arrangements if you arrive before Monday or leave after Thursday. The rates for additional nights at the hotel vary by room and cabin and are all inclusive (see http://www.clazyu.com/lodging/). If you do make reservations, please let Carrie Gates (carrie.gates@gmail.com) know which cabin you booked and she will try to put you in the same cabin during NSPW so that you do not need to move.

Getting Here

The closest major airport to C Lazy U is Denver International Airport. There are then essentially three options to get to the ranch:

  1. Rent a car for the week.
  2. Take a shuttle to Silver Creek (cost $82 each way) and arrange with the ranch for them to pick you up from there.
  3. Car pool.

C Lazy U has more detail on their web site (http://www.clazyu.com/maps-directions/). As you book your flights, or closer to the date of the conference, feel free to use the nspw-invites mailing list to see if others are arriving around the same time for ride sharing.

Please arrive at the hotel by 6 PM on Monday, September 26th and leave after noon on Thursday, September 29th. Remember that invitations are contingent on your being able to attend the entire workshop.


C Lazy U is at a high altitude (approximately 8400 feet / 2560 meters). Some suggestions to prepare for the altitude include:

  1. Stay hydrated, both before you arrive and while here. In particular, try to drink lots of water in the few days before your travels, try to stay hydrated during your flight, and reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption during your flight.
  2. Be well rested before you arrive.
  3. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses - there is approximately 25% less protection from the sun at this altitude.
  4. There are medications that you can bring if you are prone to altitude sickness (see the Mayo Clinic for recommendations at http://www.mayo.edu/research/documents/preparing-for-safe-travelpdf/DOC… ).


There are several activities available at the ranch, including horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, tennis, archery, a games room, a fitness center and a hot tub. More details will be forthcoming shortly about the planned Wednesday afternoon activity (likely horseback riding).


On average, the highs during this time of year are in the mid-60s while the lows are around freezing. It is usually sunny and the fall colors should be beautiful. Having said that, I don't have any guarantees on the weather, so please be prepared for warm, cold, dry and wet!