NSPW 2017: Program

All events are in Capitola unless otherwise stated.

Sunday October 1st
1700-2000    Welcome Reception (Sunset Patio)

2000-2200    Firepit (Fireside Patio)

Monday October 2nd

0700-0900    Breakfast (Sunset Restaurant)

0900-0930    Welcome and Social Contract

0930-1030    Paper 1
Jonathan M. Spring, Tyler Moore, and David Pym
Why a Science of Security is Hard: A Philosophy of Science Perspective

1030-1100    Break

1100-1200    Paper 2
Olgierd Pieczul, Simon Foley, and Mary Ellen Zurko
Developer-centered security and the symmetry of ignorance
Chair: Michelle

1200-1300    Lunch

1300-1400    Paper 3
Carlos Gañán, Michel van Eeten, and Michael Ciere
Beyond the pretty penny: the Economic Impact of Cybercrime
Chair: Mez

1400-1430    Break

1445-1800    Rope Course (Trail head)

1800-2000    Happy hour and Dinner (Sunset Restaurant)

2000-2300    Firepit (Sports Lawn)
2000-2300    SC Meeting (NSPW Suite, Room 1014)

Tuesday October 3rd

0700-0830    Breakfast (Sunset Restaurant)

0830-0930    Paper 4
Karen Renaud and Merrill Warkentin
Risk Homeostasis in Information Security: Challenges in Confirming Existence and Verifying Impact
Chair: Anil

0930-1000    Break

1000-1100    Paper 5
George Bissias, Brian Levine and Nikunj Kapadia
Market-based Security for Distributed Applications
Chair: Abe

1100-1130    Break

1130-1230    Paper 6
Nick Merrill, Max T. Curran, and John Chuang
Is the Future of Authenticity In Our Heads?: Moving Passthoughts From the Lab to the World
Chair: Simon

1230-1330    Lunch

1330-1430    Paper 7
Sean Peisert, Matt Bishop, and Edward Talbot
A Model of Owner Controlled, Full-Provenance, Non-Persistent, High-Availability Information Sharing
Chair: Tom

1430-1500    Break

1500-1600    Paper 8
Sam Weber (Panelists: Adam Shostack, Mary Ellen Zurko, Jon Solworth)
Panel: Empirically-based Secure OS Design
Chair: Matt

1600-1630    Break

1630-1730    Paper 9
Borke Obada-Obieh and Anil Somayaji
Can I believe you? Establishing Trust in Computer Mediated Introductions Chair: Rachel

1730-2000    Happy hour and Dinner (Sunset Restaurant)

2000-2400    Firepit (Fireside Patio)

Wednesday October 4th

0700-0830    Breakfast (Sunset Restaurant)

0830-0930    Paper 10
Scott Ruoti and Kent Seamons
End-to-End Passwords
Chair: Sam

0930-1000    Break

1000-1100    Paper 11
Yang Wang
The Third Wave? Inclusive Privacy and Security
Chair: Adam

1100-1130    Wrapup
Tom and Matt

1130            Workshop dismissed