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NSPW 2019: Accepted Papers

  • Filipo Sharevski, Paige Treebridge and Jessica Westbrook, Manipulation of Perceived Politeness in a Web-based Email Discourse Through a Malicious Browser Extension
  • Karen Renaud and Marc Dupuis, Cyber Security Fear Appeals: Unexpectedly Complicated
  • Wolter Pieters, Everything-as-a-Hack: Claims-Making for Access to Digital and Social Resources
  • Fiona Westin and Sonia Chiasson, Opt Out of Privacy or "Go Home": Understanding Reluctant Privacy Behaviours through the FoMO-Centric Design Paradigm
  • Frank Capobianco, Rahul George, Kaiming Huang, Trent Jaeger, Mathias Payer, Srikanth Krishnamurthy, Zhiyun Qian and Paul Yu, Employing Attack Graphs for Intrusion Detection
  • Mansoor Ahmed, FrameProv: Towards End-to-End Video Provenance
  • Tristan Caulfield, Jonathan Spring and Angela Sasse, Why Jenny can't figure out which of these messages is a covert information operation
  • Simon Parkin, Trupti Patel, Isabel Lopez-Neira and Leonie Tanczer, Usability Analysis of Shared Device Ecosystem Security: Informing Support for Survivors of IoT-Facilitated Tech-Abuse
  • Nathan Malkin, Serge Egelman and David Wagner, Privacy for Always-Listening Devices
  • Alaadin Addas, Julie Thorpe and Amirali Salehi-Abari, Towards Models for Quantifying the Known Adversary