NSPW 2020: Accepted Papers

Authors Paper
Scott Brookes Transcending the Teetering Tower of Trust: Demonstrated with Virtual Memory Fuses for Software Enclaves
Peter Jachim, Filipo Sharevski and Paige Treebridge TrollHunter [Evader]: Automated Detection [Evasion] of Twitter Trolls During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Justin Joque and S M Taiabul Haque Deconstructing Cybersecurity: From Ontological Security to Ontological Insecurity
Verena Distler, Lenzini Gabriele, Carine Lallemand and Vincent Koenig The Framework of Security-Enhancing Friction: How UX Can Help Users Behave More Securely
Eric Spero and Robert Biddle Out of Sight, Out of Mind: UI Design and the Inhibition of Mental Models of Security
Jonathan M Spring, April Galyardt, Allen Householder and Nathan Vanhoudnos On managing vulnerabilities in AI/ML systems
Susan Landau Categorizing Uses of Communications Metadata: Systemizing Knowledge and Presenting a Path for Privacy
Abe Singer and Matt Bishop Trust-Based Security; Or, Trust Considered Harmful
Nour Dabbour and Anil Somayaji Towards In-Band Non-Cryptographic Authentication
Debi Ashenden and Gail Ollis Putting the Sec in DevSecOps: Using Social Practice Theory to Improve Secure Software Development