NSPW 2021: Program

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Tuesday, 26 Oct

1045 Zoom room opens; links sent
1100-1130 Hello, introductions, welcome
1130-1200 Social contract
1200-1300 Daniel Woods and Aaron Ceross. Blessed Are The Lawyers, For They Shall Inherit Cybersecurity.
1300-1315 Break
1315-1415 Kevin Gallagher, Santiago Torres-Arias, Nasir Memon and Jessica Feldman. COLBAC: Shifting Cybersecurity from Hierarchical to Horizontal Designs.
1415-1430 Break
1430-1500 Breakout groups

Wednesday, 27 Oct

1045 Zoom room opens; links sent
1100-1200 Simon Parkin, Simon Arnell and Jeremy Ward. Change that Respects Business Expertise: Stories as Prompts for a Conversation about Organisation Security.
1215-1315 Arturs Lavrenovs and Eireann Leverett. The tragedy of common bandwidth: rDDoS.
1330-1430 Raul Aranovich, Muting Wu, Dian Yu, Katya Katsy, Benyamin Ahmadniaye Bosari, Matthew Bishop, Vladimir Filkov and Kenji Sagae. Beyond NVD: Cybersecurity meets the Semantic Web.
1430-1500 Breakout groups

Thursday, 28 Oct

1045 Zoom room opens; links sent
1100-1200 Karen Renaud, Rosalind Searle and Marc Dupuis. Shame in Cyber Security: Effective Behaviour Modification Tool or Counterproductive Foil?
1215-1315 Filipo Sharevski, Peter Jachim, Emma Pieroni and Nathaniel Jachim. VoxPop: An Experimental Social Media Platform for Calibrated (Mis)information Discourse.
1330-1430 Jonas Hielscher, Annette Kluge, Uta Menges and M. Angela Sasse. "Taking out the Trash": Why Security Behavior Change requires Intentional Forgetting.
1430-1500 Breakout groups
1500-1515 Wrap-up, shepherd requests, and farewells