NSPW 2022: Accepted Papers

Transparency, Compliance, And Contestability When Code Is Law
Alexander Hicks

Passwords and Cryptwords: The Final Limits on Lengths
Michael Clark and Kent Seamons

Cybersecurity Regrets: I’ve had a few….
Karen Renaud, Marc Dupuis, Rosalind Searle

Incidental Incremental In-Band Fingerprint Verification: a Novel Authentication Ceremony for End-to-End Encrypted Messaging
Nathan Malkin

Sensor Side Channels Considered Beneficial: Synthesizing Virtual Sensors to Verify Authenticity of Measurands
Yan Long, Kevin Fu

From Utility to Capability: A New Paradigm to Conceptualize and Develop Inclusive PETs
Partha Das Chowdhury, Andres Dominguez, Kopo M. Ramokapane and Awais Rashid

Designing Through The Stack: The Case for a Participatory Digital Security By Design
Ian Slesinger, Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Niki Panteli and Rene Rydhof Hansen

“It may be a pain in the backside but…”: Insights into the resilience of business after GDPR
Gerard Buckley, Tristan Caulfield, and Ingolf Becker

Toward User Control over Information Access: A Sociotechnical Approach
Caleb Malchik and Joan Feigenbaum

Autonomous Vehicle Security: Composing Attack, Defense, and Policy Surfaces
Michael Clifford, Karl Levitt, Matt Bishop, Miriam Heller