NSPW 2014: Accepted Papers


Justin Cappos, Yanyan Zhuang, Daniela Oliveira, Marissa Rosenthal and Kuo-Chuan Yeh. Vulnerabilities as Blind Spots in Developer's Heuristic-Based Mental Models

Wolter Pieters, Dina Hadziosmanovic and Francien Dechesne. Cyber Security as Social Experiment

Andrew White, Katherine Shaw, Fabian Monrose and Elliott Moreton. Isn't that Fantabulous: Security, Linguistic and Usability Challenges of Pronounceable Tokens

Paul Dunphy, John Vines, Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Rachel Clarke, Vasilis Vlachokeryiakos, John McCarthy, Peter Wright and Patrick Olivier. Understanding the Role of User Experience in Security and Privacy Technologies

Elizabeth Stobert and Robert Biddle. A Password Manager that Doesn't Remember Passwords

Nathaniel Husted and Steven Myers. Emergent Properties & Security: The Complexity of Security as a Science

Mohammed Almeshekah and Eugene Spafford. Planning and Integrating Deception into Computer Security Defenses

Olgierd Pieczul, Simon Foley and Vivien Rooney. I'm OK, you're OK, the system's OK: Normative security for systems

Andreas Poller, Sven Tuerpe and Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda. An asset to security modeling? Analyzing stakeholder collaborations instead of threats to assets

Carrie Gates and Peter Matthews. Data Is the New Currency: Becoming a Data Whore

Andreas Kuehn and Milton Mueller. Shifts in the Cybersecurity Paradigm: Zero-Day Exploits, Discourse, and Emerging Institutions


Ben Edwards and Michael Locasto. Models for Regulating the Software Development Industry