NSPW 2010 Program

Monday 9/20/2010

1700-1900 Drinks Reception Thoreau
1900-2100 Dinner Middlesex

All sessions will be in Heritage

Tuesday 9/21/2010

0730-0830 Breakfast Middlesex

0830-0900 Introduction, psychological contract
0900-1000 Matt Bishop. Relationships and Data Sanitization: A Study in Scarlet

1000-1020 Coffee Break

1020-1120 Michael Franz. E unibus pluram: Massive-Scale Software Diversity as a Defense Mechanism
1120-1130 Short Break
1130-1230 Jedidiah R. Crandall. On Information Flow for Intrusion Detection: What if Accurate Full-system Dynamic Information Flow Tracking Was Possible?

1230-1330 Lunch Middlesex

1330-1430 Simon Parkin. A Stealth Approach to Usable Security: Helping IT Security Managers to Identify Workable Security Solutions
1430-1440 Short Break
1440-1540 Sergey Bratus. VM-based Security Overkill: A Lament for Applied Systems Security Research

1540-1600 Coffee Break

1600-1700 San-Tsai Sun. A Billion Keys, but Few Locks: The Crisis of Web Single Sign-On
1700-1710 Short Break
1710-1810 Shamal Faily. To boldly go where invention isn't secure: applying Security Entrepreneurship to secure systems design

1830-2030p Dinner Middlesex

Wednesday 9/22/2010

0730-0830 Breakfast Middlesex

0830-0930 Tyler Moore. Would a 'Cyber Warrior' Protect Us? Exploring Trade-offs Between Attack and Defense of Information Systems
0930-0940 Short Break
0940-1040 Lizzie Coles-Kemp. On-line Privacy and Consent: A Dialogue, Not a Monologue

1040-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1200 Andre van Cleeff. A Risk Management Process for Consumers: The Next Step in Information Security

1200-1300 Lunch Forge

1300-1550 Outing

1550-1650 Julia M. Taylor. Ontological Semantic Technology for Detecting Insider Threat and Social Engineering
1650-1700 Short Break
1700-1800 Leszek Lilien. The Pervasive Trust Foundation for Security in Next Generation Networks (A Position Paper)

1800-2000 Dinner Middlesex

Thursday 9/23/2010

0800-0900 Breakfast Middlesex

0900-1000 David Molnar. This Is Your Data on Drugs:Lessons Computer Security Can Learn From The Drug War

1000-1020 Coffee Break

1020-1200 (panel) Roy Maxion, Tom Longstaff and John McHugh. Why is there no Science in Cyber Science?

1200-1230 Closing business meeting

1230-1330 Lunch & Goodbye! Forge