NSPW 2015: Accepted Papers

Zinaida Benenson, Gabriele Lenzini, Daniela Oliveira, Simon Parkin and Sven Uebelacker.
Maybe Poor Johnny Really Cannot Encrypt - The Case for a Complexity Theory for Usable Security

Odette Beris, Adam Beautement and Angela Sasse.
Employee Rule Breakers, Excuse Makers and Security Champions: Mapping the risk perceptions and emotions that drive security behaviors

Serge Egelman and Eyal Peer.
The Myth of the Average User: Improving Privacy and Security Systems through Individualization

Aaron Elliott and Scott Knight.
(NSPhD) Towards Managed Role Explosion

Alain Forget, Sonia Chiasson and Robert Biddle.
Choose Your Own Authentication

Peter Hall, Claude Heath, Lizzie Coles-Kemp and Axel Tanner.
Examining the Contribution of Critical Visualisation to Information Security

Cormac Herley and Wolter Pieters.
``If you were attacked, you'd be sorry'': Counterfactuals as security arguments

Trey Herr and Eric Armbrust.
Milware: Identification and Implications of State Authored Malicious Software

Raquel Hill and Devan Donaldson.
Bridging the Trust Gap: Integrating Models of Behavior and Perception

Mohammad Mannan, Arash Shahkar, Atieh Saberi Pirouz and Vladimir Rabotka.
Peace vs. Privacy: Leveraging Conflicting Jurisdictions for Email Security

Riccardo Pelizzi and R Sekar.
WebSheets: Web Applications for Non-Programmers

Christian T. Zenger, Jan Zimmer, Mario Pietersz, Jan-Felix Posielek and Christof Paar.
Exploiting the Physical Environment for Securing the Internet of Things