NSPW 2015: Location and Activities


NSPW 2015 will be taking place at Landhuishotel Bloemenbeek in the Netherlands. Bloemenbeek is in De Lutte, approximately 20 km from the cities of Hengelo and Enschede, in the Twente region. The address of the hotel is as follows:

Landhuishotel Bloemenbeek
Beuningerstraat 6
7587 LD De Lutte (Ov)
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)541-551224
Fax +31 (0)541-552285

Hotel and meals are included with your registration, from the reception on Tuesday, September 8th through lunch on Friday, September 11th.

Pre and Post post-workshop stays: You will need to make separate hotel arrangements if you arrive before Tuesday or leave after Friday.

Landhuishotel Bloemenbeek currently has some limited availability on Monday, September 7th and Friday, September 11th.

Getting Here

There are many ways of getting to Bloemenbeek. The closest major airport is Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport (AMS). There are frequent trains going from Schiphol Airport to Enschede; from there, it is fastest to take a taxi to Bloemenbeek. It is also possible to fly in to Dusseldorf and Münster in Germany; however, the train connections to Enschede are a bit more complicated.

  • Schiphol to Enschede: There are two trains per hour from Schiphol to Enschede. The direct train departs at 37 minutes past the hour. The other train departs at 7 minutes past the hour; for this one you have to change trains at Amersfoort. The duration of the journey is a bit over two hours. The detailed train schedules can be found at the NS website.
  • Münster or Düsseldorf to Enschede: There are direct trains from Munster to Enschede but it is necessary to travel from Munster airport to Munster centre first. The train journey from Dusseldorf takes longer and involves several changes. The detailed train schedules can be found at the Bahn website.
  • Enschede to De Lutte (Hotel Bloemenbeek):Taxis are available at Enschede train station. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes and costs approximately 40 Euros.

Please arrive at the hotel by 6 PM on Tuesday, September 8th and leave after noon on Friday, September 11th. Remember that invitations are contingent on you being able to attend the entire workshop.


We will be going on a bike tour during NSPW. Bicycles will be made available to all attendees and guests. More information bicycling will be here soon. Note the bike tour will happen rain or shine; we will have disposable ponchos available!