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NSPW 2018: Accepted Papers

  • Prashant Anantharaman, John Brady, Patrick Flathers, Vijay Kothari, Michael Millian, William Nisen, Jason Reeves, Nathan Reitinger, & Sean Smith, Going Dark: A Retrospective on the North American Blackout of 2038
  • Mark Burgess & Anil Somayaji, After the BlockCloud Apocalypse
  • Aaron Ceross & Andrew Simpson, Rethinking the Proposition of Privacy Engineering
  • Steve Dierker & Volker Roth, Can Software Licenses Contribute to Cyberarms Control?
  • Carrie Gates, Matt Bishop, & Karl Levitt, Arguing for Argumentation in Break-the-Glass Scenarios
  • Diptendu Mohan Kar, Indrajit Ray, Jenna Gallegos, & Jean Peccoud, Digital Signatures to Ensure the Authenticity and Integrity of Synthetic DNA Molecules
  • Arne Padmos, Against Mindset
  • Wolter Pieters, On security singularities
  • Vivien Rooney & Simon Foley, An Online Consent Maturity Model
  • Adam Trowbridge, Filipo Sharevski, & Jessica Westbrook , Malicious User Experience Design Research for Cybersecurity
  • Heather Vescent & Bob Blakley, Shifting Paradigms: Using Strategic Foresight to Plan for Security Evolution