NSPW 2010 Proceedings

Front Matter

Why is there no science in cyber science?: a panel discussion at NSPW 2010 (DOI)
Roy A. Maxion, Thomas A. Longstaff, John McHugh

E unibus pluram: massive-scale software diversity as a defense mechanism (DOI)
Michael Franz

On information flow for intrusion detection: what if accurate full-system dynamic information flow tracking was possible? (DOI)
Mohammed I. Al-Saleh, Jedidiah R. Crandall

A stealth approach to usable security: helping IT security managers to identify workable security solutions (DOI)
Simon Parkin, Aad van Moorsel, Philip Inglesant, M. Angela Sasse

VM-based security overkill: a lament for applied systems security research (DOI)
Sergey Bratus, Michael E. Locasto, Ashwin Ramaswamy, Sean W. Smith

A billion keys, but few locks: the crisis of web single sign-on (DOI)
San-Tsai Sun, Yazan Boshmaf, Kirstie Hawkey, Konstantin Beznosov

To boldly go where invention isn't secure: applying security entrepreneurship to secure systems design (DOI)
Shamal Faily, Ivan Flechais

Would a 'cyber warrior' protect us: exploring trade-offs between attack and defense of information systems (DOI)
Tyler Moore, Allan Friedman, Ariel D. Procaccia

On-line privacy and consent: a dialogue, not a monologue (DOI)
Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Elahe Kani-Zabihi

A risk management process for consumers: the next step in information security (DOI)
André van Cleeff

Ontological semantic technology for detecting insider threat and social engineering (DOI)
Victor Raskin, Julia M. Taylor, Christian F. Hempelmann

The pervasive trust foundation for security in next generation networks (DOI)
Leszek Lilien, Adawia Al-Alawneh, Lotfi Ben Othmane

This is your data on drugs: lessons computer security can learn from the drug war (DOI)
David Molnar, Serge Egelman, Nicolas Christin

Relationships and data sanitization: a study in scarlet (DOI)
Matt Bishop, Justin Cummins, Sean Peisert, Anhad Singh, Bhume Bhumiratana, Deborah Agarwal, Deborah Frincke, Michael Hogarth