NSPW 2016 Proceedings

Front Matter

I'm not sure if we're okay: uncertainty for attackers and defenders (DOI)
Mark E. Fioravanti, Matt Bishop, Richard Ford

Harvesting the low-hanging fruits: defending against automated large-scale cyber-intrusions by focusing on the vulnerable population (DOI)
Hassan Halawa, Konstantin Beznosov, Yazan Boshmaf, Baris Coskun, Matei Ripeanu, Elizeu Santos-Neto

Cross-layer personalization as a first-class citizen for situation awareness and computer infrastructure security (DOI)
Aokun Chen, Pratik Brahma, Dapeng Oliver Wu, Natalie Ebner, Brandon Matthews, Jedidiah Crandall, Xuetao Wei, Michalis Faloutsos, Daniela Oliveira

Cybersecurity as a Politikum: implications of security discourses for infrastructures (DOI)
Laura Fichtner, Wolter Pieters, André Teixeira

Content-based security for the web (DOI)
Alexander Afanasyev, J. Alex Halderman, Scott Ruoti, Kent Seamons, Yingdi Yu, Daniel Zappala, Lixia Zhang

Trusted execution environment-based authentication gauge (TEEBAG) (DOI)
Ranjbar A. Balisane, Andrew Martin

Rethinking operating system design: asymmetric multiprocessing for security and performance (DOI)
Scott Brookes, Stephen Taylor

Searching for software diversity: attaining artificial diversity through program synthesis (DOI)
Gilmore R. Lundquist, Vishwath Mohan, Kevin W. Hamlen

A case for the economics of secure software development (DOI)
Chad Heitzenrater, Andrew Simpson