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NSPW 2011 Proceedings

Michael E. Locasto, Michael Massimi, Peter J. DePasquale.
Security and privacy considerations in digital death.

Wolter Pieters, Lizzie Coles-Kemp.
Reducing normative conflicts in information security.

Kemal Bicakci, Paul C. van Oorschot.
A multi-word password proposal (gridWord) and exploring questions about science in security research and usable security evaluation.

Peter Gutmann.
Applying problem-structuring methods to problems in computer security.

Joan Feigenbaum, Aaron D. Jaggard, Rebecca N. Wright.
Towards a formal model of accountability.

Rick Wash, Emilee Rader.
Influencing mental models of security: a research agenda.

Rainer Böhme, Jens Grossklags.
The security cost of cheap user interaction.

Wenliang Du, Karthick Jayaraman, Xi Tan, Tongbo Luo, Steve Chapin.
Position paper: why are there so many vulnerabilities in web applications?

Matt Bishop, Marco Carvalho, Richard Ford, Liam M. Mayron.
Resilience is more than availability.

Gerald Friedland, Gregor Maier, Robin Sommer, Nicholas Weaver.
Sherlock holmes' evil twin: on the impact of global inference for online privacy.

Kay Hamacher, Stefan Katzenbeisser.
Public security: simulations need to replace conventional wisdom.

Dusko Pavlovic.
Gaming security by obscurity.