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NSPW 2007 Proceedings

Matt Beaumont-Gay, Kevin Eustice and Peter Reiher.
Information Protection via Environmental Data Tethers.

Stanley Chow, Christophe Gustav and Dmitri Vinokurov.
Authenticated Names.

W. Keith Edwards, Erika Shehan and Jennifer Stoll.
Security Automation Considered Harmful?

Jeffrey Hunker.
A Privacy Expectations and Security Assurance Offer System.

Klaus Kursawe and Stefan Katzenbeisser.
Computing Under Occupation.

Michael Locasto.
Self-Healing: Science, Engineering, and Fiction.

Mohammad Mannan and Paul C. van Oorschot.
Security and Usability: The Gap in Real-World Online Banking.

Deholo Nali, Paul van Oorschot and Andy Adler.
VideoTicket: Detecting Identity Fraud Attempts via Audiovisual Certificates and Signatures.

S. Vidyaraman, M. Chandrasekaran and S. Upadhyaya.
Position: The User is the Enemy.

Jon Solworth.
Robustly Secure Computer Systems: A new security paradigm of system discontinuity.

Anil Somayaji, Michael Locasto, and Jan Feyereisl.
Panel: The Future of Biologically-inspired Security: Is There Anything Left to Learn?