NSPW 1992 & 1993 Proceedings

Managing complexity in secure networks (DOI)
David Bailey

New security paradigms: what other concepts do we need as well? (DOI)
John Dobson

The multipolicy paradigm for trusted systems (DOI)
Hilary H. Hosmer

An outline of a taxonomy of computer security research and development (DOI)
Catherine Meadows

A new paradigm for trusted systems (DOI)
Dorothy E. Denning

New paradigms for high assurance software (DOI)
John McLean

Confidentiality, integrity, assured service: tying security all together (DOI)
Grace L. Hammonds

Information system security engineering: a spiral approach to revolution (DOI)
Donald M. Howe

A shift in security modeling paradigms (DOI)
James G. Williams

Prospect on security paradigms (DOI)
Leonard J. LaPadula

Integration of formal and heuristic reasoning as a basis for testing and debugging computer security policy (DOI)
J. Bret Michael, Edgar H. Sibley, David C. Littleman

Secure computing with the actor paradigm (DOI)
Bhavani Thuraisingham

Bell and LaPadula axioms: a “new” paradigm for an “old” model (DOI)
T. Y. Lin

Concurrent automata, database computers, and security: a “new” security paradigm for secure parallel processing (DOI)
T. Y. Lin

Application level security using an object-oriented graphical user interface (DOI)
Terry Rooker

The no-policy paradigm: towards a policy-free protocol supporting a secure X Window System (DOI)
Mark Smith

We need to think about the foundations of computer security (DOI)
Marvin Schaefer

The evolved threat paradigm: look who's wearing the black hats! (DOI)
Dixie B. Baker

External consistency in a network environment (DOI)
Leonard J. LaPadula, James G. Williams

Towards a task-based paradigm for flexible and adaptable access control in distributed applications (DOI)
R. K. Thomas, R. S. Sandhu

How responsibility modelling leads to security requirements (DOI)
Ros Strens, John Dobson

Neighborhood data and database security (DOI)
Kioumars Yazdanian, Frédéric Cuppens

Security in an object-oriented database (DOI)
James M. Slack

Computer security by redefining what a computer is (DOI)
Yvo Desmedt

Modelling multidomain security (DOI)
José de J. Vázquez-Gómez

Security is fuzzy!: applying the fuzzy logic paradigm to the multipolicy paradigm (DOI)
Hilary H. Hosmer

Identification and authentication when users have multiple accounts (DOI)
W. R. Shockley

The reference monitor: an idea whose time has come (DOI)
Terry Rooker