NSPW 2003 Proceedings

Locality: a new paradigm for thinking about normal behavior and outsider threat (DOI)
John McHugh, Carrie Gates

Alliance formation for DDoS defense (DOI)
Jelena Mirkovic, Max Robinson, Peter Reiher

Merging paradigms of survivability and security: stochastic faults and designed faults (DOI)
J. McDermott, A. Kim, J. Froscher

SELF: a transparent security extension for ELF binaries (DOI)
Daniel C. DuVarney, V. N. Venkatakrishnan, Sandeep Bhatkar

Dynamic label binding at run-time (DOI)
Yolanta Beres, Chris I. Dalton

Bringing security home: a process for developing secure and usable systems (DOI)
Ivan Flechais, M. Angela Sasse, Stephen M. V. Hailes

Security check: a formal yet practical framework for secure software architecture (DOI)
Arnab Ray

From absence of certain vulnerabilities towards security proofs: pushing the limits of formal verification (DOI)
Michael Backes, Matthias Schunter

Secure object identification: or: solving the Chess Grandmaster Problem (DOI)
Ammar Alkassar, Christian Stüble, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

Public key distribution through "cryptoIDs" (DOI)
Trevor Perrin

Owner-controlled information (DOI)
Carrie Gates, Jacob Slonim

Towards a new paradigm for securing wireless sensor networks (DOI)
K. Jones, A. Wadaa, S. Olariu, L. Wilson, M. Eltoweissy

Securing nomads: the case for quarantine, examination, and decontamination (DOI)
Kevin Eustice, Leonard Kleinrock, Shane Markstrum, Gerald Popek, V. Ramakrishna, Peter Reiher