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NSPW 2009 Proceedings

Luke Church and Alma Whitten.
Generative Usability: Security and User Centered Design beyond the Appliance.

Carrie Gates, Matt Bishop and Jeffrey Hunker.
Sisterhood of the Travelling Packets.

Marcia Gibson, Karen Renaud, Marc Conrad and Carsten Maple.
Musipass: Authenticating me softly with "my" song.

Cormac Herley.
So Long, And No Thanks for the Externalities: The Rational Rejection of Security Advice by Users.

Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels.
Server-Side Detection of Malware Infection.

Maritza Johnson, Steven Bellovin, Robert Reeder and Stuart Schechter.
Laissez-faire file sharing.

Erik Kline and Peter Reiher.
Securing Data Through Avoidance Routing.

Janardan Misra and Indranil Saha.
A Reinforcement Model for Collaborative Security and Its Formal Analysis.

Sean Peisert, Matt Bishop, Laura Corriss, and Steven Greenwald
Quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?, A New Paradigm for Analyzing Security Paradigms.

Christian W. Probst and Rene Rydhof Hansen.
Fluid Information Systems.

Sven Türpe.
What Is the Shape of Your Security Policy? Security as a Classification Problem.

Vilhelm Verendel.
Quantified Security is a Weak Hypothesis.