NSPW 2002 Proceedings

MET: an experimental system for Malicious Email Tracking (DOI)
Manasi Bhattacharyya, Shlomo Hershkop, Eleazar Eskin

Predators: good will mobile codes combat against computer viruses (DOI)
Hiroshi Toyoizumi, Atsuhi Kara

An empirical analysis of NATE: Network Analysis of Anomalous Traffic Events (DOI)
Carol Taylor, Jim Alves-Foss

Small worlds in security systems: an analysis of the PGP certificate graph (DOI)
Srdjan Čapkun, Levente Buttyán, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

Breaking the barriers: high performance security for high performance computing (DOI)
Kay Connelly, Andrew A. Chien

From privacy promises to privacy management: a new approach for enforcing privacy throughout an enterprise (DOI)
Paul Ashley, Calvin Powers, Matthias Schunter

Anomaly intrusion detection in dynamic execution environments (DOI)
Hajime Inoue, Stephanie Forrest

Empowering mobile code using expressive security policies (DOI)
V. N. Venkatakrishnan, Ram Peri, R. Sekar

The source is the proof (DOI)
Vivek Haldar, Christian H. Stork, Michael Franz

An approach to usable security based on event monitoring and visualization (DOI)
Paul Dourish, David Redmiles

Moving from the design of usable security technologies to the design of useful secure applications (DOI)
D. K. Smetters, R. E. Grinter

Assurance in life/nation critical endeavors a panel (DOI)
Steven J. Greenwald, Marv Schaefer

Biometrics or ... biohazards? (DOI)
John Michael Williams

An evolutionary approach to cyber security (DOI)
Carla Marceau

Assuring critical systems (DOI)
Bob Blakley

Capacity is the wrong paradigm (DOI)
Ira S. Moskowitz, LiWu Chang, Richard E. Newman

A practical approach to solve Secure Multi-party Computation problems (DOI)
Wenliang Du, Zhijun Zhan

Guarding the next Internet frontier: countering denial of information attacks (DOI)
Mustaque Ahamad, Leo Mark, Wenke Lee, Edward Omicienski, Andre dos Santos, Ling Liu, Calton Pu