NSPW 2001 Proceedings

Computational paradigms and protection (DOI)
Simon N. Foley, John P. Morrison

Secure multi-party computation problems and their applications: a review and open problems (DOI)
Wenliang Du, Mikhail J. Atallah

Model-Carrying Code (MCC): a new paradigm for mobile-code security (DOI)
R. Sekar, C. R. Ramakrishnan, I. V. Ramakrishnan, S. A. Smolka

Heterogeneous networking: a new survivability paradigm (DOI)
Yongguang Zhang, Harrick Vin, Lorenzo Alvisi, Wenke Lee, Son K. Dao

Safe and sound: a safety-critical approach to security (DOI)
Sacha Brostoff, M. Angela Sasse

Ontology in information security: a useful theoretical foundation and methodological tool (DOI)
Victor Raskin, Christian F. Hempelmann, Katrina E. Triezenberg, Sergei Nirenburg

AngeL: a tool to disarm computer systems (DOI)
Danilo Bruschi, Emilia Rosti

Survival by defense-enabling (DOI)
Partha Pal, Franklin Webber, Richard Schantz

A trusted process to digitally sign a document (DOI)
Boris Balacheff, Liqun Chen, David Plaquin, Graeme Proudler

NATE: Network Analysis of Anomalous Traffic Events, a low-cost approach (DOI)
Carol Taylor, Jim Alves-Foss

Information security is information risk management (DOI)
Bob Blakley, Ellen McDermott, Dan Geer

The New Security Paradigms Workshop - boom or bust?: a panel (DOI)
Steven J. Greenwald

Position statement for New Security Paradigms Workshop - boom or bust?: neither boom nor bust (DOI)
Hilary H. Hosmer

Tracking influence through citation index comparisons and preliminary case studies panel position statement (DOI)
Mary Ellen Zurko

The New Security Paradigms Workshop - boom or bust?: thinking in an age of instant communication; communicating in a time of reflective thought (DOI)
Marvin Schaefer

A note on proactive password checking (DOI)
Jianxin Jeff Yan

Pretty good persuasion: a first step towards effective password security in the real world (DOI)
Dirk Weirich, Martina Angela Sasse