NSPW 1996 Proceedings

The Emperor's old armor (DOI)
Bob Blakley

Simulated social control for secure Internet commerce (DOI)
Lars Rasmusson, Sverker Jansson

User-centered security (DOI)
Mary Ellen Zurko, Richard T. Simon

A new model of security for distributed systems (DOI)
Wm A. Wulf, Chenxi Wang, Darrell Kienzle

SafeBots: a paradigm for software security controls (DOI)
Robert Filman, Ted Linden

A credibility-based model of computer system security (DOI)
Shaw-Cheng Chuang, Paul Wernick

Developing and using a “policy neutral” access control policy (DOI)
Duane Olawsky, Todd Fine, Edward Schneider, Ray Spencer

Run-time security evaluation: can we afford it? (DOI)
Cristina Serban, Bruce McMillin

A new security policy for distributed resource management and access control (DOI)
Steven J. Greenwald

Access control in federated systems (DOI)
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Pierangela Samarati

Managing time for service and security (DOI)
Ruth Nelson, Elizabeth Schwartz

Availability policies in an adversarial environment (DOI)
Hilary H. Hosmer

The right type of trust for distributed systems (DOI)
Audun Jøsang

CAPSL: Common Authentication Protocol Specification Language (DOI)
Jonathan K. Millen

Positive feedback and the madness of crowds (DOI)
Hilarie Orman, Richard Schroeppel

Just sick about security (DOI)
Jeff Williams

Fortresses built upon sand (DOI)
Dixie B. Baker