NSPW 2012 Proceedings

Front Matter

A move in the security measurement stalemate: elo-style ratings to quantify vulnerability (DOI)
Wolter Pieters, Sanne H.G. van der Ven, Christian W. Probst

Turtles all the way down: a clean-slate, ground-up, first-principles approach to secure systems (DOI)
Sean Peisert, Ed Talbot, Matt Bishop

Point-and-shoot security design: can we build better tools for developers? (DOI)
Sven Türpe

Argumentation logic to assist in security administration (DOI)
Jeff Rowe, Karl Levitt, Simon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar, Andrew Applebaum, Sharmin Jalal

Beyond the blacklist: modeling malware spread and the effect of interventions (DOI)
Benjamin Edwards, Tyler Moore, George Stelle, Steven Hofmeyr, Stephanie Forrest

Someone to watch over me (DOI)
Heather Richter Lipford, Mary Ellen Zurko

Pools, clubs and security: designing for a party not a person (DOI)
Zheng Dong, Vaibhav Garg, L. Jean Camp, Apu Kapadia

Privacy is a process, not a PET: a theory for effective privacy practice (DOI)
Anthony Morton, M. Angela Sasse

All your base are belong to US (DOI)
Richard Ford, Liam M. Mayron

The need for application-aware access control evaluation (DOI)
William C. Garrison, Adam J. Lee, Timothy L. Hinrichs

Video-passwords: advertising while authenticating (DOI)
Julie Thorpe, Amirali Salehi-Abari, Robert Burden

Holographic vulnerability studies: vulnerabilities as fractures in interpretation as information flows across abstraction boundaries (DOI)
Jedidiah R. Crandall, Daniela Oliveira