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NSPW 2005 Proceedings

Session 1: Natural Selection and Monoculture

Internet Instability and Disturbance: Goal or Menace?
Richard Ford, Mark Bush, Alex Boulatov

PANEL: Diversity As a Computer Defense Mechanism

Session 2: Design Considerations

Average Case vs. Worst Case: Margins of Safety in System Design
Christian Probst, Andreas Gal, Michael Franz

Divide and Conquer: The role of trust and assurance in the design of secure socio-technical systems
Ivan Flechais, Jens Riegelsberger, M. Angela Sasse

Session 3: Authentication

Pass-Thoughts: Authenticating With Our Minds
Julie Thorpe, P.C. van Oorschot, Anil Somayaji

Message Authentication by Integrity with Public Corroboration
P.C. van Oorschot

Session 4: Managing Authority

Flooding and Recycling Authorizations
Konstantin Beznosov

PANEL: The Insider Problem Revisited

Session 5: Forensics
Principles-Driven Forensic Analysis
Sean Peisert, Matt Bishop, Sid Karin, Keith Marzullo

Session 6: Modelling

Visual Security Protocol Modeling
John McDermott

Empirical Privilege Profiling
Carla Marceau, Rob Joyce

Speculative Virtual Verification: Policy-Constrained Speculative Execution
Michael Locasto, Stelios Sidiroglou, Angelos Keromytis

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